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Thank you for your interest in The Coffee Blog!

The Coffee Blog launched with the hopes of connecting coffee lovers across the world. We are currently monitoring how many monthly visitors we receive.

Owner and founder Debbie Hudson is a single, working Mom with a love of social media, Disney, coffee, teenagers, and animals.  In the last ten years, she has built a healthy social media following and has created five different blogging sites:
  • The Coffee Blog
  • teenDisney
  • Birch & Burlap
Debbie has worked with many brands in the past and attended various press events for some of North America's most popular brands including Disney, Feld Entertainment, Tim Hortons, The Fox Theatre, and more.  She is always on the lookout for new brands to showcase and review and for contributors and writers to her sites.

Social Media Reach (Under Construction)

  • Twitter
  • facebook
  • Pinterest
A variety of services are available on The Coffee Blog, including:
  • Sponsored Posts and Advertorials - Original articles and will accept articles provided by the sponsor.

  • Hashtags - Custom hashtags can be created for your brand.

  • Social Media Promotion 

  • Advertising Blocks - See rates below.

  • Press Events and FAM Trips - Contact for availability and invites.

  • Reviews and Giveaways - See details below.

Reviews and Giveaways

  • All reviews and giveaways are done **FREE** of charge.
  • Contributors are available to review items.
  • All review items must be full-sized, and a second sample will be requested as a reader giveaway. 
  • Samples will not be returned.

Advertising Information 

  • No refunds.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any ad based on content, product, or site being promoted.
  • All ads must reflect the values of The Coffee Blog.
  • Payments must be made via PayPal or check.
  • Discounts offered for multiple ads.
  • Ads available in two sizes - (1) 125 x 125 = $10/month; (2) 250 x 250 = $20/month

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