Sunday, August 26, 2012

CNN Says Coffee is Good for You

*Photo Courtesy CNN
Is coffee okay for you?

CNN says so, but it's okay to hold back:
"If you can't get through your day without a coffee break or two, here's good news for you: What scientists know so far suggests coffee may help you stay healthy.
As usual with medical research, the operative word is "may."
It's hard to know for sure whether coffee is really causing good effects -- lifestyles or behaviors associated with coffee consumption may also influence health. Also, different people have different tolerances for coffee -- it can have short-term side effects that make people steer clear of morning brews.
So, doctors aren't quite convinced enough to prescribe coffee -- but they probably don't need to, because so many people indulge in it anyway."
To see the rest of this article and find out why it's good, bad, and the bottom line, visit CNN's website. Ticker

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