Saturday, August 11, 2012

Coffee CEREAL?

*Courtesy Coffee Cereal

Coffee cereal?  I was intrigued by this....a random Google images search turned up this's a clip from their site:
"Coffee Cereal, as the name suggests, is a coffee flavored cereal, which is also caffeinated. We use our premium blend of coffee and flavorings to cover corn flakes, creating a delectable new brand of cereal. We hope that you find our cereal as delicious as we do."
Hmmm...a cereal that is coffee flavored and caffeinated?  Again from the website:
"Coffee Cereal is the perfect way to start anyone's day. Our secret formula combines the full bodied, smooth tastes of coffee with delectable, nutritious corn flakes. Coffee Cereal contains all the nutritious value of a well balanced breakfast with enough caffeine to jump-start your day!"
...and for the record, read the Founders' bios.  These guys aren't fooling around:

Andrew, President

Andrew is a graduate of Illinois State University with majors in physics and physics education with a minor in Mathematics. He is currently working toward a PhD in Physics at the University of Missouri. His interests include condensed matter physics, kayaking, and espresso beans.

Anthony, Vice President

Anthony is a senior at Illinois State University with majors in physics and chemistry. His interests include Katy Perry and fine coffees. He is always up for trying a new brand.
Wow! Their interests are condensed matter physics, Katy Perry, and coffee...these are some eclectic and smart men!

I wonder what this cereal tastes like... Ticker


  1. Hello, Debbie. This is Andrew from Coffee Cereal. Thanks for writing about us! If you want us to send you a sample or two, just send us an email at We just came out with two more flavors: Café Mocha and Café Miel to go along with the original. We'd be glad to hear your thoughts on our product. Thanks again!

  2. Sorry for the late reply! Have started a new job this week, and I am behind in my blogging and website duties!

    I would LOVE to receive a sample and write about it. You guys have an interesting product. Sounds like a good tie-in for our website.

    I'll send you a brief e-mail.

    Thanks Andrew!