Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ozo Offers **FREE** Coffee Tastings Every Friday!

*Photo courtesy of The Examiner

Reprinted from The Examiner (see link above):
"It isn't every day that you can try an amazing roast and see how it fluctuates, shifts and blooms depending on different brewing methods.
That is, unless it's Friday at Ozo in downtown Boulder. Every Friday afternoon at 2PM, they break out the sippy cups and start pouring.

There's no strings attached. The tasting is free.  Along with great Ozo coffee, you can chat with your barista and dig into the special notes and characteristics of the coffee they're featuring.  It's a great opportunity to expand that coffee vocabulary and perhaps find a new fav java fix.

It truly is amazing how different a roast can be when compared between pour over, french press and other brewing techniques.
Stop by and check it out for yourself.  Those Ozo folks got a serious love for the bean and are happy to share!
Any local coffee shops listening?  What a great idea!  Think I'm heading to Boulder! Ticker

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