Monday, December 31, 2012

Tips for Tastier Coffee

*Photo courtesy of Chosun
"Coffee consumption reached the level of 338 cups of coffee per person in Korea last year, according to data released by the Korea Food and Drug Administration.

As this brewed beverage increasingly becomes part of people's daily routine, firing them up for the day ahead and keeping them fueled to get through the day in one of Asia's hardest-working cultures, here are some simple tips to make a tastier brew.

One of the most important things to remember is the so-called 3-3-3 rule. After roasting coffee beans, leave them for three days, then brew the coffee within three minutes of grinding the beans.  The drink should be consumed within three minutes of reaching the boil.

Additionally, use fresh and cold water rather than that which has already been boiled.  It is also good to put coffee in a warm cup.  Coffee should ideally be served at a temperature of between 82 and 85 degrees Celsius.  Once brewed, it should not be reheated; otherwise, it will lose its native taste and have a burned flavor. / Dec. 31, 2012 08:13 KST" Ticker

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