Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Record-Breaking Costly Coffees

*Photo and story courtesy of TrendHunter.

"If you think you had an expensive Starbucks excursion the last time you ordered a vanilla bean latte, you can at least be grateful that your bill didn’t come to $47.30.

Well, the coffee would have cost $47.30 if prankster Beau Chevassus didn’t use his free birthday discount to get the monstrosity that he made up.  Apparently, that’s what it’ll cost you to get a 52 oz. coffee concoction that has no less than 48 shots of espresso.  The record setting expensive Starbucks visit started off as a simple mocha frappucino and quickly spirals out of control after adding the shots in addition to vanilla, two bananas, strawberries, caramel drizzle, and chocolate shavings.  I imagine that expensive Starbucks drink doesn’t taste like nearly $50 of value either.

If you want a heart-attack inducing sugar and caffeine overdose, you only need to ask the Starbucks barista for a Quadriginoctuple Frap, and make sure to get all 48 shots in there."
Wow!  ...and I thought a regular cup of coffee there was expensive.  What's the most expensive coffee you've every ordered?

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