Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sleeveless Coffee Cups

*Photo and story courtesy of Trend Hunter

From Trend Hunter,
"Coffee and tea lovers everywhere have been eternally grateful for the invention of cup sleeves, the corrugated cardboard slip-on that allows users to hold their beverages without burning their hands, but Salih Kucukaga thought he could improve upon the already awesome product.  Rather than make the sleeves optional, Kucukaga has designed cups that have the corrugated cardboard material already embedded onto them. Now people can enjoy hot drinks without an intermediary step between themselves and their favorite fluids.
Salih Kucukaga conceptualized the sleeveless coffee cups for Dripp coffee bar. He also adorned the cups with snazzy retro-looking graphics that makes users want to carry the cups around long after they’ve devoured their drinks. The interior of the cups remain unaffected, so patrons aren’t getting any more or less beverage while using these ingenious drink containers."
To read more about Salih Kucukaga, you can visit his website. Ticker

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