Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Compendious Coffee Chart Teaches You How to Make Drinks

*Picture and story from Trend Hunters

"The compendious coffee chart is a one-stop guide to making all of your favorite caffeine drinks.

Are you a seasoned cafe goer who knows how to make better drinks than the Starbucks barista?  Or are you someone who is only familiar with the double shot of espresso?  Regardless of your coffee expertise, this chart will be your savior.  It teaches readers how to make a variety of drinks like a simple Cappuccino, a sophisticated Cafe Bonbon, or even an obscure Cartado.  With specifications as detailed as what form of milk to add (whipped, foam or scalded) to what production output to use (pressure, steamer, drip), it has definitely got you covered.

Although this flowchart may be overwhelming at first, you will become familiar with the art of mixing drinks in no time."
*Check the article for many more pictures like the above.

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