Monday, March 25, 2013

The Wake Up Mug Brings Humor to Mornings

*Photo and story courtesy of Trend Hunter

"If you are one of those individuals who cannot function without their early morning cup of java, the Wake Up Mug by Fred and Friends feels the same way.  This adorable heat-activated mug mimics the changes your body goes through once you have consumed your caffeine fix.

When the mug is completely empty its expression features sad, saggy, expressionless eyes; although, once the mug is filled with hot coffee or another beverage, the eyes literally perk up.  As the contents of the cup are consumed, the Wake Up Mug by Fred and Friends reverts back to its tired, puppy dog eyes.  This change in demeanor acts as a reminder to its owner that another refill of coffee is desperately needed.

Enjoy your morning cup of coffee in a mug that knows exactly how you feel and will potentially induce some well-deserved laughter."
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