Sunday, March 24, 2013

Vietnamese Ice Coffee Panna Cotta

*Photo and story courtesy of Trend Hunter.
"If you are looking for a refreshing yet decadent dessert to serve at your next party, the Vietnamese ice coffee panna cotta recipe is guaranteed to delight guests.  The mixture of bitter coffee with sweet, creamy condensed milk is one bite that is sure to leave smiles on adults alike.

The recipe deconstructs the traditional beverage into a delectable, layered dessert.  Panna cotta is an Italian dessert, which is essentially cooked cream that is solidified with gelatin or another thickening agent.  Using a combination of coffee and vanilla-flavored panna cotta, you begin to build what will become the layers of this sweet treat. After letting each layer settle, you are left with the perfect after meal indulgence during a hot summer night.

Serve your caffeine-hungry guests a real treat with the Vietnamese Ice Coffee Panna Cotta recipe by Zoe Bakes."
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