Sunday, August 3, 2014

Coffee and Dog Fundraiser to Benefit the American Humane Society

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"How do you take your coffee?  If you enjoy a cup of joe with your favorite canine buddy, Brim wants to see it! Brim is a coffee company with a soft spot for canines.  They are fundraising for the American Humane Society with the goal of raising $10,000 to ensure the welfare, wellness, and well-being of animals.

You can help by snapping a picture of yourself drinking coffee with your favorite furry friend and share it with #JustSayJoe.  Celebrities like Tori Spelling are sharing pictures of their morning joe and pup on Instagram!  Let coffee fuel your creativity and submit pictures of your pup posing with your favorite coffee mug.  My favorite is the Husky dressed in a suit and tie preparing for his big executive day with a cup of coffee.

For every picture tagged on Twitter, Instagram, or uploaded, Brim will donate $1 to the American Humane Association.   Drinking coffee and enjoying the companionship of your favorite fuzzy has never been so charitable!  Specific terms and conditions include that your account must be set to public.  If you can't upload or tag your picture it can also be emailed to  Remember that once you submit a picture to Brim, it is theirs to modify, adapt, and use however they feel necessary.

To participate, follow @BrimCoffee on Twitter or Instagram.   Once you have taken a picture of yourself drinking coffee with your dog or just a picture of your dog with a favorite coffee mug, Tweet, Instagram, or upload the picture using #JustSayJoe.  Don’t forget to check out the submitted entries on Brew’s website.

Additional program details can be found here:

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