Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hacking a Popcorn Popper Into a Coffee Maker?

So, how many of you knew you could turn an air popper into a coffee maker?  I had no idea.

Below is a brief excerpt from, "I Need Coffee."  To see the whole article and How-To, visit their website:

"Looking for information on coffee roasting machines, I felt exhausted trying to find the “perfect” popper on eBay which was out of my price range or in the local thrift stores, which had not seen a West Bend popper in years.  WB Poppery and Poppery II are by everyone’s estimation two great modifiable machines that will roast coffee beans.  I looked at the post dates on the articles, and most were printed in 2005 to 2011, and here I am in August of 2014 trying to find a roaster.  After searching for some months, I came across the Presto PopLite and it looked like it could do the job of roasting coffee. But it was listed as a probable no show by Sweet Maria’s and, if possible, one model to avoid.

I came across the INeedCoffee article The Poplite Air Popper: a Cheap Home Coffee Roaster by Eugene Hanks that said with modification, the PopLite was a good coffee roaster.  I read the article several times and within a week had located one in a thrift store for $3.99, my price to try and modify. The model was 4821 (the Orville Redenbacher gourmet)."

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