Sunday, September 21, 2014

McDonald's Giving Away **FREE** Coffee Again for Two Weeks!


"From car payments to insurance to groceries to rent: life can be freaking expensive -- and the bills seem to never stop rolling in.

Every once in a while, it's nice to get a break on one daily expense.

Starting next week, McDonald's is lowering the cost on your daily caffeine-intake. It's offering free coffee for two weeks.

Kicking off on Tuesday, September 16 the chain is holding its second national McCafé free coffee event until Monday, September 29.

Just like the last time (a similar promotion was offered in March), guests are entitled to a free small McCafé coffee during breakfast at participating McDonald's locations in South Florida and the rest of the county.

"People love our McCafé coffee and we're glad to invite customers to enjoy a morning pick-me-up, on us," says Steve Nisbet, McDonald's owner/operator and president of the Palm Beach-Treasure Coast McDonald's group. "It's a way to encourage people to see what McDonald's has to offer for breakfast while also rewarding longtime guests with a free cup of coffee to accompany their favorite morning meal."

Obviously, nothing is truly free. McDonald's is asking people to get in on its social media blitz, by divulging their embarrassing pre-caffeine moments with "sip and tell." Guests are asked to tweet at the company using @McCafe and the hastag #SipAndTell. Select tweeters will receive custom gifts and experiences for telling the world their little secrets.

The promo has come around right before a new release from the company. McDonald's and Kraft Foods Group recently teamed up to offer McCafe ground, whole bean, and single cup coffees in grocery stores and other retailers in 2015. That, however, will not be free."

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