Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Phoenix Roasters - Coffee That Matters!


I received an e-mail from Phoenix Roasters today, and it occurred to me that I've never spotlighted them before.  And you really need to know about Phoenix Roasters.

We were introduced to Phoenix Roasters by old church friends.  We were all friends in our home church's Singles group, and now we were all grown up with children and grandchildren.  Our friends were now at a church in Duluth, Georgia, where the Pastors have a unique ministry.

They have a coffee ministry.  Yes, you heard right.  It's a full-circle kind of ministry.  Farmers in poorer countries, farm the coffee beans.  Phoenix Roasters uses the coffee beans to well - make coffee.  And the money the church makes goes back into the farmers and their families as the church makes yearly mission trips to the farms.

We loved this story, so we visited them at a pop-up shop in our Georgia county.  We fell in love, have gotten to know the Pastors, and now visit one of their local coffee shops for a nitro, cold brew growler refill frequently.

Let me post part of the e-mail below so you can read their latest story.  I think you will enjoy getting to know Phoenix Roasters and maybe even take advantage of the sale they are offering this week:

40 thousand pounds. 

At Phoenix Roasters, we work with our farmers in direct trade - dealing with them personally and shipping from the farm to us in the US, cutting out importers and others in between so the farmers get even 10x more than Fair Trade. We have long term relationships with our farmers, and because of those connections, a container came in last Monday filled with top quality bean from the Caballeros our friends and partners in Panama. 

We put out the word that we would need help unloading thousands of pounds of beans, and we had quite the crew as you see in the pic.  We unloaded it all in less than an hour! 


When COVID and lockdowns hit in the Spring, we didn't know if we'd need any bean.  But because of hard work, continued generosity, and partners like you our coffee company has done more than survive in the midst of crisis.  Now we have even more opportunity to do good for others in our community and around the world.

And today is NATIONAL COFFEE DAY!  To celebrate, we are offering a one time discount on the highest quality bean we carry - the Natural Select Panamanian and Ethiopian coffees. 

Our coffee is already excellent, smooth, and full of flavor. I know it's hard to imagine, but our Natural Select coffees are even better!  Take everything you love about our coffee, and the Natural select is more! 

For the next week, when you order a bag of Natural Select off of the website, you get 15% off those items with the code NATURALCODE. Get MORE and save. What a deal. 

If the story and history of Phoenix Roasters intrigues you, I urge you to visit their website or social media channels to get more information on them, contribute to their cause, or to purchase their products.  It's a wonderful company worthy of your support!

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