Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Old Bisbee Roasters: Mexico Pluma Finca La Cabaña


This week, Old Bisbee Roasters brings us a brew from Mexico!  Let's find out all about this new brew!

"This week's big premier is coffee from the Oaxaca region of Mexico.  It's outrageously delicious, smooth, and creamy. The farm on which this coffee is grown also grows vanilla orchids - you know, vanilla beans!  Mexico is where vanilla originated.  I thought that was an interesting fact to share with you. 

So, let's drink coffee, shall we?  In the nose, I'm getting notes of walnut, mulled cider, and fresh cut wood.  I'm thinking about curling up by the fire already!  In the cup, the body is Big, Bold, and Sweet!  Some notes of orange and cocoa.  The finish is stunning:  Full mouth feel on this one, more cocoa, and the tiniest hint of a fine barrel aged whiskey.  This is an exceptionally smooth drinker - I think it's going to become a favorite for many of you.  You fans of low acid coffees will especially enjoy this mellow cup, so give it a try soon. 

Mexico Oaxaca Pluma Finca La Cabaña is sourced from Finca La Cabaña located in the municipality of Pluma Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Mexico.  Finca La Cabaña is owned and operated by Alberto Pérez Mariscal and his family.  Alberto Pérez Mariscal is a third generation coffee farmer carrying on the family legacy started by his grandfather.  Only 150 hectares of the 350 hectare finca have been utilized for coffee cultivation, creating a responsible environmental balance for sustainable organic farming.   Alberto is also cultivating orchids at Finca La Cabaña for the production of vanilla."

I don't know about you, but this coffee sounds DELICIOUS to me!  Orange?  Cocoa?  Walnut, mulled cider, and fresh cut wood?  Where do I sign up?

Remember, a few tips about Old Bisbee that I think you'll love when ordering from them:

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  • They offer samplers (!) - four, half-pound bags!
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You cannot go wrong with Old Bisbee!  If you place an order, mention you heard about them on this blog!

Thank you and cheers!

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