Friday, May 21, 2021

Old Bisbee Roasters Mexico Blend!


Good morning coffee drinkers!

I have an update from Old Bisbee, and I apologize for not posting in a while.  It's been quite busy around here.

Today's coffee highlight from Old Bisbee is Mexico Huatusco Altura.  From their website:

Mexico Huatusco Altura coffee is sourced from communities near the municipality of Huatusco within the state of Veracruz, Mexico, where there are mountain ranges that provide higher altitudes and ideal climates for cultivating coffee. This coffee is sundried naturally. Feel the brightness!

And, something I really like about this offering is the continued support of coffee growers who have relatively small farms. The vast majority of farms are family-owned with less than 12 acres of land. The coffee harvest typically begins in October and ends in March. The family pride and love that goes into the full cycle from carefully tending the coffee plants, to harvest and post-harvest handling are evident.

The aroma is wonderfully full of sweetened condensed milk and lightly reminiscent of orange blossoms.

In the cup, the body is medium and silky and just perfect. Cherries, cocoa-like chocolate-covered cherries, and creamy pastry to make a dessert in a mug.

Finally, the finish! It's clean and quick, and more creaminess akin to coffee ice cream.  I would pour a shot of this coffee over some ice cream any time.

I love that this coffee is that it is sourced from "family-owned" farms with "less than 12 acres of land."  By buying this coffee blend, you are helping to support families that are doing what they can to survive.

Of course, I also love the way they describe the flavor of this blend, "cocoa-like chocolate-covered cherries," "dessert in a mug."  WHAAA?

This one is on my list to try.  If you try this blend, leave me a comment here on the blog or on one of our social media channels.

Remember these fun facts about Old Bisbee coffee:

  • Club Crema - Exclusive text-only offers
  • Order 2 or more pounds and receive FREE SHIPPING
  • If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your coffee, they will replace or refund
Enjoy this beautiful Friday out on the porch or deck with your favorite brew!  Until next time...

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