Friday, March 3, 2023

When Should You Consume Your Daily Joe?


*All data and pictures courtesy of Lifeboost Coffee.

Hello friends.  As most of you know, I have jumped onto the Lifeboost Coffee train in the last few months..

I did my research on which organic coffee was rated "tops," and Lifeboost consistently hit the top (or very near the top) in most news articles.  I jumped in and ordered a 3-bag subscription to get the best price on a coffee I wasn't even sure I would like.

Lucky for me, the coffee tasted just as good as they promised.  Dr. Charles Livingston did a great job of starting a business based off a clean and sustainable coffee.  To recap, here are some of Lifeboost Coffee's best attributes:

  • Beans are Single Origin to avoid cross contamination of molds, hand selected, high elevation, and shade grown. 

  • Main roasts are certified organic; they are third-party tested for mycotoxins, molds, heavy metals, pesticides, and 400 other toxins to ensure the cleanest beans they can find. 

  • Beans are stomach-friendly and low-acid, naturally grown to full maturity (ensures the most nutrients entering the bean), sun dried, and gently washed with spring water before roasting.

Today, Lifeboost sent out a blast to e-mail subscribers containing an article about when the best time to consume coffee is during a normal day.  It was so interesting!  Below are a few of the main points I wanted to share from that writing here, and then, when you've finished here, please click on any of my links to read the whole write-up.  It is well worth your time if you are a coffee drinker and lover like me!

  • Sleep is dehydrating; grab a glass of water before you have your first cup of coffee (maybe while you are brewing)!

  • Try waiting three (yes, three) hours after you wake up to have your first cup.  This gives your body time to enjoy your natural energy level (morning levels of cortisol tend to be pretty high). 

  • Enjoy afternoon coffee between 1 and 5 p.m.  This gives those afternoon cortisol levels (that spiked between Noon and 1p.m.) time to decrease.

  • Caffeine can stay in the body for up to five hours!  So make sure you stop drinking coffe at least six hours before your planned bed time. 

  •  Caffeine in your body can disrupt your sleep.  Caffeine can hold the natural melatonin production back, as well as cause you to have several trips to the bathroom through the overnight.


Have you tried Lifeboost Coffee yet?  I know there are a lot of organic coffees on the market, but I promise you - Lifeboost is seriously one of the best.

Visit the Lifeboost Coffee blog to read entire article this blog post was based off.


*Lifeboost Coffee has graciously allowed me to partner with them to help promote their products.  Buying through any of our affiliate links does not increase your price, but it does help support the running of this blog in a small way.  Thank you!

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