Sunday, August 19, 2012

**FREE** Coffee at Disneyland?

*Photo courtesy OC Register

This article is pretty old by now, but the OC Register claims you can get **FREE** coffee at Disneyland?

Wanna know how?  Here's what they say:

"Did you know that you can get free refills on coffee at Disneyland?
Since 1955, Main Street‘s Market House has given free refills on coffee.  Purchase a cup of coffee (regular, decaf, vanilla, or hazelnut) for $2.59 and save your receipt.
There’s no need to keep the cup. Just bring back the receipt and enjoy free refills all day.
At other food venues, visitors can get free refills only as long as they are continuing to dine at the location, said David Gill, a Disneyland Resort spokesman. They can’t come back later for free refills. That’s a unique deal at Market House only.
Market House sells mostly standard coffee."
Hmmm...didn't know this.  But glad to hear it!  Wish there was a place at Disney World like this... Ticker

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