Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Daisies Cafe is for People with Mental Illness & Learning Disabilities

*Photo & story courtesy of Trend Hunter
Another FABULOUS idea...any cooks out there want to partner up and try this?  I love this idea.  Very me...
"Based in Newtonards, Northern Ireland, Daisies Café is a social business and coffee shop that offers day care for those individuals with mental illness and learning disabilities.  What is more, the non-profit organization provides employment opportunities and training.
"Behind it all was a vision of providing alternative day care, training and employment which would help those who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to gain the skills, self-belief, and confidence they need to take their place in the community as equal," Daisies Café writes on its website.
But this socially conscious company doesn't do it alone.  By working with the Ulster Community, Hospitals Trust, and Action Mental Health, the group is able to benefit more and more people in an unorthodox manner."
To learn more about Daisies Cafe, please visit the Daisies Cafe website.  Amazing little company.  They also have a facebook page if you'd like to keep up with them via social media.

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