Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sci-Fi-Inspired Coffee Shops - Haldane Martin Has Designed This...

*Photo and story courtesy of Trend Hunter

I actually like this!  From Trend Hunter,
"Haldane Martin is the genius behind this riveting coffee shop located in Cape Town.  The interior follows the theme of Steampunk, which is pulled off with meticulous detail.
The coffee locale is called Truth Coffee and this one in particular is the headquarters.  The centerpiece of the entire shop is definitely the large retro coffee roaster, which is said to have inspired the rest of the design.  Haldane Martin was certainly able to work off this idea as the roaster looks entirely at home.
This location looks more like a movie set than anything else and I would not be surprised if a production company asks for permission.  The place is stunning with retrofitted designs and styles typical of the Steampunk genre."

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