Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kentucky Mountain Coffee

From The Independent on-line,

"Greasy Creek Bound

A few weeks have passed since we ground the last of our beans from Kentucky Mountain Coffee, which we discovered at the suggestion of the nice lady at Black Barn Produce.  The coffee itself was astoundingly delicious, although I’ve already confessed the shocking part for me was finding out the small business is made up of a married couple, Rick and Jaretta Walters, who just happen to live “up the middle fork of Greasy” in Johnson County who roast and package coffee in a shed near their home when they get home from their day jobs.
If I don’t slide off the side of Two-Mile Hill, get lost in Meally, or overshoot to Offutt, I will be visiting the nice couple for an interview and photos Monday evening.  Word of mouth indicates I really need to bring a bag of their “Coal Miner’s Brew” back to Ashland, although the descriptions of some of their other coffees (notably the “Coon Dog Run”) are overwhelmingly tempting.
While scheduling this one, Mrs. Walters requested I take no photos of the exterior of their roasting shed and I had to laugh as she explained her husband and I apparently have similar “skills” when it comes to building things. I will have a story about the rural roasters in an upcoming edition, although anyone who appreciates good joe (they also sell Elmwood Inn teas) may want to go ahead and visit their website at for more information or to place an order."
To find out more about Kentucky Mountain Coffee, you can visit their facebook page or their website!  I love the idea of this couple roasting their coffee when they get home from their day jobs! Ticker

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