Sunday, March 3, 2013

Provision Brand Coffee

*Photo and story courtesy of Woodlands Church

Pastory Kerry Shook offers coffee as a mission:
"Coffee Can Change Lives
Most countries we work with grow coffee, but the farmers and their families benefit least from their hard work.  From this discovery was born the idea that as we do ministry in these areas through local churches, we could naturally foster relationships with those whose livelihood comes from or "could" come from the coffee industry.
Woodlands Church, having the capacity to open a domestic market for a compassion-based coffee is working with over 2,000 coffee farmers in Haiti, forming a thriving co-op, one of the largest in that country.  Farmers who typically would be overlooked by large coffee companies in Honduras and Kenya are the latest to connect with this strategy, which is based upon relationship not money.
A consistent source of income is only part of the benefit to our farmers.  All revenue is reinvested back into the countries of origins to further develop ministry and compassion projects.
About our coffee:
  • Supports better health, nutrition, education, and basic housing
  • Provides agricultural training and aids in reforestation efforts
  • Offers a maximum experience with the reward of maximum impact
  • Direct from high altitude mountains of Haiti
  • Specifically leverages local church influence in the region
  • Unblended, single–origin, pure Arabica coffee
  • Shade–grown with no pesticides or fertilizers
  • Farm gate direct product which is relationally derived" Ticker

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